Long Weekend Reading

In lieu of a regular blog post this week, here are some things I’m reading lately which you might enjoy as well:

This article on the idea of fallow time, and how it actually is an inherent and important part of our overall work: “Protecting and practicing fallow time is an act of resistance; it can make us feel out of step with what the prevailing culture tells us. The 24/7 hamster wheel of work, the constant accessibility and the impatient press of social media all hasten the anxiety over someone else’s judgment. If you aren’t visibly producing, you aren’t worthy.”

Lately I’ve been thinking about how deficit mindsets often cost organizations I work with–money, time, and relationships both externally with partners and internally with staff. Rather than looking at what has been accomplished, the strength of the foundational work already done, there’s a habit of dismissing what is and focusing only on what has not yet become. This little primer from University of Memphis is useful for mission-driven orgs on why a growth mindset might be more effective.

Social media is not one-size-fits-all and I love this overview from Hubspot for the different types of social media platforms out there, and how each is most effectively used. Not to sound preachy, but I’m a big advocate of slow, steady, and strategic growth in social media rather than a scattershot habit of all the platforms all the time.

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