Are You Overwhelming Rather Than Reaching Your Audience?

My mom has this voice she used with me a lot in grad school when I would go home for family dinner and tell her way too much about my studies. I am an exuberant person by nature, so that look, that voice, the one that signals overwhelm? Yea, I know it very well.

Which is why I’m also so aware when it starts to pop up with marketing and outreach collateral with the organizations I work with. It’s often with the best intention–you want your flyer, post, brochure, event invite to be the most interesting and eye-grabbing one your audience sees. Or you want to make sure your audience has all the information they need and could want to know so they’ll choose your organization for donating, volunteering, accessing services, buying a product.


I guarantee that if you see yourself in the above, you need to pull back and do a little less. It’s not bad to be part of the group identifying in the above examples, by the way, your exuberance and love for your work is an asset.

So how do you guide that exuberance to be engaging and interesting for your audience, while avoiding the accidental overwhelm? One option is to work with Quince Communications where we can help design, edit, and plan your outreach and marketing to reach the audiences you want, drive them to the action you need, and give you real results. If you’d like to try working it out on your own a little at first, or altogether, there are a few main points to get you started:

  1. No one wants to read a wall of text. Even bookworms of the highest order will take one look at your flyer or brochure stuffed with information and disengage. Try using a formula like: introductory sentence+1 or 2 informational sentences+call to action sentence.
  2. Visuals are great but choose one or two, not twenty.
  3. Your branding is gorgeous… just don’t use every aspect of it at once. White and black background with inverted texts works best, and then use key branding colors to accent things.
  4. The point of outreach and marketing collateral is to drive your audience to engage with your organization/brand further, not convince them of everything right then–give them enough to be interested, and then provide them an easy path for further engagement.
  5. Check out HubSpot and Canva for free content and design resources and how-to’s.

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